Monday, May 14, 2012

Chief Sternburg awards Medals of Valor & Lifesaving for March Fire Rescue

On Wednesday, May 9, 2012 Ellsworth Fire Chief Robert Sternburg awarded the Medal of Valor & Lifesaving to Firefighter/EMT Brad Herman, Paramedic Amy Ziccardi and Mahoning County Sheriff Sergeant Steven Lindow for their rescue efforts during a house fire on 3/22/12. The full text of Chief Sternburg's remarks can be read below.

"On March 22 at 15:50, the fire department was toned out for smoke in house with a resident located on the second floor at 11597 Akron Canfield Rd. Firefighter/EMT Brad Herman and Paramedic Amy Ziccardi and myself were at the fire station. I sent the EMS crew to the residence with the ambulance and waited for other firefighters to arrive at the station for response from the rest of our volunteers.

Upon arrival within minutes of the call, Firefighter/EMT Herman advised the station that there was heavy smoke in the residence and fire in the walls. The EMScrew, along with Mahoning County Sheriff Sergeant, Steven Lindow, braved the hazardous conditions to conduct a rescue from the second floor. The engine arrived at minutes after the ambulance and the patient was already loaded in the ambulance and ready to be taken to St. Elizabeth Hospital.

These three heroic rescuers risked their lives to help someone else. It is my honor to present the medal of valor and lifesaving to Firefighter/EMT Brad Herman, Paramedic, Amy Ziccardi and Mahoning County Sheriffs Sergeant Steven Lindow for rendering service above and beyond the call of duty. I know they will tell you that they were just doing their jobs, but I wanted to recognize the unselfish acts of those who serve our community."

Robert D. Sternburg, Fire Chief